Transformation through music.

Australian National Academy of Music

The Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM) is dedicated to the artistic and professional development of exceptional young classical musicians.

Working with ANAM for many years, we have continued to evolve and grow their brand, always drawing inspiration from the energy and creativity of their students.


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2020 Season Campaign

In the 2020 season, ANAM aimed to position the institution and it’s musicians on the world stage, highlighting the academy’s future-focused program and prestigious local and international partnerships.

We worked alongside 3D2D to create a suite of brand campaign imagery and animations, reflecting on the multifaceted and progressive 2020 season.

ANAM - 2020 Brochure
2019 Season Campaign

The 2019 campaign shines a light on the energy and passion of the students, as well as reflecting the creative growth they undergo throughout their training at ANAM.

It was paramount that the campaign embraced a youthful spirit while still retaining a sophistication, aligning with the high calibre of training the academy provides.

ANAM - 2019 Campaign Image
ANAM - 2019 Campaign Image
2018 Season Campaign

Continuing on from 2017, the 2018 season campaign retained the ‘I AM ANAM’ theme and saw it become more intertwined with the core ANAM brand.

Working alongside photographer Pia Johnson, we presented a new visual direction inspired by the creative transformation students experience during their time at ANAM.

2017 Season Campaign

In 2017 ANAM wanted to turn up the volume, which saw the creation of ‘I AM ANAM’.

‘I AM ANAM’ became a central element of the campaign, with the students playing a key role in the season’s vibrant campaign.

2016 Season Campaign

When starting to work with ANAM in 2016 our aim was to strengthen the academy’s voice within both the field of music education, as well as in the wider classical music community. There was also an opportunity to broaden their exposure and connect with a wider audience.

We set ourselves the challenge of creating visual representations of music, as well as reflecting the sprit, creativity and passion of the ANAM students.