Learning through play.

Brighton & Brighton Beach ELC

Brighton & Brighton Beach ELC are established boutique childcare and early learning centres, and are highly regarded in their local communities.

Coinciding with interior renovations, led by the team at Christopher Elliott Design, we were engaged to create co-located brands that reflected their unmatched reputation.




Brand Strategy

Identity Design

Print Design

Website Design & Development

Environmental Signage



Interior Design by Christopher Elliott Design

A bayside influence.

There was an exciting opportunity to differentiate both Brighton & Brighton Beach ELC centres from the sea of conventional competitor branding.

The bayside locale of the centres provided a wealth of inspiration. The geometric shapes used throughout the brand language were inspired by the nearby iconic Brighton Beach beach boxes, as well as historical maritime flags. The playful nature of these forms also referenced children’s building blocks and games.

BBELC - Businesscards

We worked closely with Christopher Elliott Design to ensure the branding resonated well with the interior design.

BBELC - Interior
BBELC - Interior
BBELC - Businesscards
Creating through play.

The concept of play was central to the development of the Brighton & Brighton Beach ELC brand. Elements of the visual language can be used to create completely new illustrations, ensuring the flexibility and longevity of the brand.

BBELC - Calendar
BBELC - Interior
BBELC - Signage
BBELC - Bags
BBELC - Website

Utilising the modular visual language, we were able to create playful, distinctive, and responsive websites for both centres.