Extraordinary conversations.

Dumbo Feather

Since it’s creation in 2003, Dumbo Feather has been providing a platform for extraordinary people to share their stories.

With their 50th issue approaching, Dumbo Feather approached us to completely refresh their digital presence.


Arts & Culture


Website Design


Development by PDA

Photography & illustrations byDumbo Feather

Dumbo Feather - Home
From paper to screen.

Reimagining the magazine for digital platforms, the new website was carefully considered to provide an engaging longform literary experience as well as providing new pathways for Dumbo Feather to further connect with and inspire their readership.

Dumbo Feather - Conversation
Dumbo Feather - Modules

A series of flexible modules were created to sit alongside conversations and articles as either a supplement to the piece, or pathways to other associated content.

More than a magazine.

Now with a vast back catalogue of stories and conversations, a podcast series, popular community events, and an online store, Dumbo Feather required a new website to reflect both their growth and newfound international reach.

Dumbo Feather - Mobile
Dumbo Feather - Mobile
Dumbo Feather - Mobile
Dumbo Feather - Inspire Me

Dumbo Feather select pieces of content to create collections, each with the aim of motivating and inspiring its readership in different ways.