Establishing an icon.

ICON Developments

ICON Developments has over 20 years of experience crafting meticulously designed spaces.

Presented with the task of creating ICON’s brand, our focus quickly shifted to creating a literal icon that would encapsulate their core values.




Identity Design

Website Design & Development

ICON Developments - Logo

The result was a symmetrical hexagon that is used as a symbol of the precision and balance found throughout ICON’s projects. The geometry of the icon is also reflected in the accompanying wordmark.

Utilising a restrained colour palette and typographic style, we established a timeless and flexible brand that can be used across both company collateral as well as project material.

ICON Developments - Business Card

The icon is a reflection of the precision and balance found in the brand’s meticulously crafted spaces.

ICON Developments - Business Card
ICON Developments - Envelope
ICON Developments - Envelope
ICON Developments - Notebook