The art of intrigue.

Janine Tanzer

Janine Tanzer is an established jeweller, sculptor and silversmith, crafting incredibly intricate pieces inspired by the art practices of ancient times. Her work has been exhibited across the world and published in countless publications.

After 40 years of focusing on her art and craft, Janine approached us to establish her brand with the aim of developing stronger connections with galleries and curators, both locally and internationally.


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Janine Tanzer – Business Card
Traversing history.

A master of the age-old practices of gold and silversmithing, sculpting, stained glass and more, Janine’s work is often adorned with intricate hidden details. Her expertly crafted pieces invite those who experience them to go on a journey through multiple layers of narrative.

When creating Janine’s identity, we were inspired by both the intricacy and narrative context found in her work. This inspiration is reflected both in the unique wordmark and supporting typography.

Janine Tanzer – Cards
Janine Tanzer – Cards
Janine Tanzer – Cards

A series of cards to showcase Janine’s work, housed in a custom envelope.