Life illuminated.


Luminess is a contemporary collection of residences by Permarc, John Demos Architecture and Kathy Demos Interiors.

Destined to become an iconicsymbol of Essendon’s thriving quarter, Luminess is elevatedin every sense.




Brand Strategy & Naming

Identity Design

Art Direction

Print Design

Website Design & Development


Photography by John Laurie

Luminess - Collateral
A beacon of light.

The reflective materiality of Luminess’ architecture causes the colour and tone of the facade to evolve depending on the light. This unique design element became key to the conception of the brand identity.

The brand itself utilises an ethereal and ever-changing visual language, inspired by the shifting mood and atmosphere caused by the change in light across a single day. Expressed through language, colour and photography – light is central to the narrative behind Luminess.

Luminess - Salesbook Detail
Luminess - Lifestyle Image

We commissioned photographer John Laurie to capture the fluidity and transformational character of light in and around Essendon.

Luminess - Lifestyle Image
Luminess - Flipbook Detail
Luminess - Floorplans
Luminess - Floorplans