Building from the inside out.

Alchemy Construct

Alchemy Construct is a commercial builder determined to achieve greatness, make their mark, and leave a meaningful legacy. Specialising in the construction of spaces that improve social infrastructure and community strength, they are driven to create buildings of impact.



Brand Strategy
Identity Design
Print Design
Vehicle Livery
Website Design & Development


Site photography by Ryan Wehi
Site film by SIRAP

Foundations built from trust.

Alchemy’s strategic and visual brand centres around the core narrative of ‘Building from the inside out’. The brand enables Alchemy the ability to proudly express why they do what they do.

By prioritising their people and internal culture above all other aspects of the business, Alchemy is able to build upon foundations based on trust, respect and mutual understanding. The Alchemy team are imbued with a positive mindset and a passion to exceed expectations.

A comprehensive set of document templates were developed for Alchemy’s internal team.

A set of social media post templates were also supplied to the Alchemy team.