Here's luck!

Ascot Vale Hotel

Built in 1875, the Ascot Vale Hotel is a public hotel rich with history. Alongside its newly revitalised interior design and elevated hospitality offering, we developed a visual identity which aimed to reconnect with the pub’s history through a distinctly contemporary lens.




Brand Strategy

Identity Design

Print Design

Website Design



Illustrations by Steve Gavan

Interior design by Dion Hall

Photography by Jake Roden

Grounded within Australian pub vernacular, the Ascot Vale Hotel brand is built around a monogram and typography which nods to classic pub signage, as well as the strong AFL and racing culture of the surrounding area.

The brand balances AVH’s elevated interior design and hospitality offering with an approachable, laid-back personality, supported by illustrations by Steve Gavan paired with the uniquely Australian toast, “Here’s luck!”.

Now returned to it’s former glory, the Ascot Vale Hotel is cultivating a genuine relationship with the area and its patrons, harnessing a flexible brand and voice that is able to evolve and grow organically over time.