Kinetic heart.


Carr, a leading voice within architecture and interior design, is a constantly evolving practice. We were appointed to forge Carr’s position in the digital space, reflecting their ongoing transformation and established leadership role within the wider design world.


Creative Services


Website Design & Development

Art Direction


Photography by Gavin Green


Our concept, ‘Kinetic Heart’, was a content-driven site that would respond directly to the heart of the studio. Driven by a dedicated editor, the site enables Carr to showcase what they do, and more importantly, communicate why they do it.

Forgoing a traditional navigation structure, the website presents both Carr’s practice and their culture at equal prominence. As much as it is a showcase of Carr’s work within architecture and interior design, it is a hub for cross-disciplinary thought leadership.

Streams that can be expanded or contracted give visitors the unique ability to fully customise their experience and create their own pathways through the website.

The design enables Carr to actively create threads between their studio culture, connection to the wider art and design community and their design practice.

Carr - Website - Mobile
Carr - Website - Mobile

The structure of the Carr site was reconsidered for mobile devices, taking further functionality and framework cues from mobile applications.

Carr - Website - Mobile
Carr - Website

We worked alongside renowned photographer Gavin Green to create a series of distinct team portraits, highlighting Carr’s long history in the Melbourne CBD.

Carr - Photography
Carr - Photography
Carr - Photography
Carr - Photography
Carr - Photography
Invigorating a legacy.

Alongside the development of the new website, we created an in-depth set of brand guidelines to provide instruction and guidance to ensure the integrity and consistency of the Carr brand across all applications.

The identity refresh acknowledges the strong legacy of the Carr brand while embracing a future-focused vitality, and is presented with cohesion across multiple disciplines.

Carr - Brand Guidelines