Derek Swalwell

Derek is a photographer with a unique eye for capturing architecture, interiors, landscape and lifestyle.

A master of utilising natural light, Derek is known for his distinctive style in both commercial and personal projects.


Arts & Culture


Brand Strategy

Identity Design

Print Design

Environmental Signage

Website Design & Development

Derek Swalwell - Symbol
Derek Swalwell - Logo
Derek Swalwell - Collateral

The identity was designed to be distinctive in personality, but also exercise a level of restraint to allow Derek’s photography to tell the story.

Derek Swalwell - Postcard
Derek Swalwell - Businesscards
Derek Swalwell - Brochure
Derek Swalwell - Signage

Custom signage produced for Derek’s studio.

Derek Swalwell - Signage
Derek Swalwell - Exhibition Photo

Tokyo’s Okura Hotel, captured by Derek Swalwell.


Derek Swalwell visited Tokyo in 2015 to photograph the iconic Okura Hotel just prior to its demise. It was pulled down only weeks after the shoot. We were fortunate to both name and brand the exhibition for Derek which was presented at JCP Studios.

Derek Swalwell - Exhibition Invite
Derek Swalwell - Exhibition
Derek Swalwell - Exhibition Signage
Derek Swalwell - Exhibition Signage
Derek Swalwell - Exhibition
Derek Swalwell - Exhibition Photo

Image from Derek Swalwell’s ‘WAKE’ exhibition.