Bringing a legacy to light.


Salbini is an online retailer of premium European furniture and appliances based in southern Italy.

Formerly known as Fesal, Salbini approached us to both rename and refresh the brand, as well as completely overhaul the extensive online store.




Brand Strategy & Naming

Identity Design

Print Design

Website Design & Development


Photography by Traianos Pakioufakis

Salbini - Stationery
Harnessing heritage.

Through acknowledging its rich European heritage and maintaining a modern and contemporary perspective, the Salbini brand harnesses the perfect balance between vast global appeal and cut-through in the Australian market.

Salbini - Postcards

We highlighted the artisanship of the Salbini brand by using premium Colorplan papers and tactile letterpress printing. Red was introduced as a brand colour to reflect the vibrancy and culture of Salbini’s hometown of Salerno in southern Italy.

Salbini - Business Card
Salbini - Envelope
Salbini - Business Card
Salbini - Postcards
Salbini - Card Sleeve
A streamlined shopping experience.

The Salbini rebrand included a complete overhaul of the extensive online store. Both the functionality and the visual design of the site were updated to reflect the calibre of the Salbini brand and product range.

Considering the wide breadth and diversity of Salbini’s catalogue, it was integral to develop an intuitive navigation and filtering system. By both simplifying the structure of the site and providing users with a variety of ways to explore, we created a streamlined shopping experience.

Salbini - Website - Mobile
Salbini - Website - Mobile
Salbini - Website - Mobile
Salbini - Business Card