Reimagining opera, for everyone.

Victorian Opera

To enter the world of opera is to step through the looking glass — a world where each facet reflects and refracts timeless stories of the human experience.

Victorian Opera engaged us to signal a significant evolution for their organisation through the creation of the 2023 season campaign and an updated digital presence.


Arts & Culture


Season Campaign
Art Direction
Website Design & Development


Visualisations and animations by 3D2D

Working alongside 3D2D, we created a series of visuals to represent each of the productions from the 2023 season. Each piece selects a visual motif from the opera and then renders it through a vibrant, futuristic lens.

Classical operatic themes — passion, betrayal, adventure, wonder, self-discovery, death — are both revealed and reimagined. An approach that doesn’t seek to abandon the old, yet still challenges preconceived notions of opera. The campaign aims to resonate with a broad audience, affirming that opera as an artform is both universal and accessible.

A reimagined website

The same approach was applied to Victorian Opera’s refreshed digital presence. Side-stepping the expected conservative and overtly elegant style often associated with opera, we approached the website with a more progressive and theatrical vision.

Constructed using a series of flexible modules, the Victorian Opera team is able to utilise the site using an editorial approach – exploring both the tales told through the operas, as well as the stories behind the productions.